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Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Site. has the right but not the obligation to investigate occurrences of possible violations and will cooperate with all applicable law enforcement authorities in prosecuting violators. may suspend Your Access while it conducts an investigation. Users are required to enter a user name and password to Access online courses. To protect against unauthorized Access to Your account, it is recommended that You close the browser when You have finished using the Site. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of Your user name and password. You represent and warrant that You are the person on whose behalf You claim to accept these Terms. You understand that you are not authorized to enter these Terms on behalf of a person or entity. You also represent and warrant that You are an adult who is legally able to enter into these Terms. You may not use the account, user name or password of someone else at any time. You agree to notify immediately of any unauthorized use or loss of Your account, user name, password and/or credit card information. You also agree to notify immediately if You are aware of or suspect other unauthorized use of the Site and/or the Site content. will not be liable for any loss that You incur because of someone else using Your user name and password with or without Your knowledge. You may be held liable for any losses incurred by, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, or representatives due to someone else’s use of Your account, user name or password. will never ask You for Your password. If You need a new user name and/or password, will generate a new user name and password automatically through its computers and send it to Your e-mail or postal address.

Protect and Secure, LLC utilize General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Regulation lays down rules relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and rules relating to the free movement of personal data. This Regulation protects fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to the protection of personal data. The free movement of personal data within the Union shall be neither restricted nor prohibited for reasons connected with the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data. This includes protection of personal data such as, name, address, cultural, trade union and employment etc. privacy.

All user personal data will be protected!

Disclaimer: Protect and Secure LLC makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information on our website. Users/viewers should be aware of the following: PAS makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy or authenticity of the information on our website. PAS course information is subject to change; up-to-date course information is updated and published from time to time. PAS does not accept any liability to any person for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the use of the information or arising out of the provision of the information on this website. The purchase of all PAS development training and/or online courses are non-refundable. Note: In this disclaimer the term 'Information' includes any information (in whatever format) contained or incorporated into this website by references or any information stored and served by our website. Information is law enforcement sensitive.